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HÖBAL SPOON's craftsmanship

HÖBAL SPOON's wooden spoons are filled with the thoughts of the tree, the person who cut it down, and the person who made it.
And it can grow with the user's thoughts and memories.
This is a spoon that makes you look forward to the future.

Here are some of our thoughts.

HÖBAL SPOON_img_edited.jpg

Thinking of the forest from trees that cannot be used for lumber,
To a tool that can be used for a long time.

The raw wood used for the materials is mainly from trees felled during forest management activities in which we participate, and small diameter trees with little usable value felled by people with whom we have a connection.

He then travels to the places where the ingredients are grown,
Here are some stories from our users
I am telling you

Currently, many small trees are cut down or abandoned in the forest.
It is crushed at the factory and used as fuel for thermal power generation.

A tree that has grown over a long period of time,
For our lives
It burns out in an instant
I think it's too fleeting.

Using wood for a long time stores carbon,
This leads to the protection of the global environment.

By utilizing small trees that are not readily available,
A long-term companion to your lifestyle
Modern primitive manufacturing
I want as many people as possible to know about it.

*Small diameter trees
Branches of young trees, medium-sized shrubs, and large trees
Generally, trees with a diameter of 3 to 20 cm or less

DSC01907 3.jpeg

If it's a spoon you use yourself,
By my own standards

Each piece carved from raw wood is unique, differing in shape, weight, and grain.
Split a log and plan based on the impression
I create my pieces in a 'session format' using raw wood.
Not only the knots and uneven color of the material,
The "fluctuations" that occur when the material dries are also incorporated into the shape.
The finished product is designed to fit comfortably in your hand.

Each and every person has different hand shapes.
Because it is something that you will use yourself, we want you to know the importance of choosing it with the feel of your own hands.

The spoon that fits your hand perfectly
I think it helps reduce stress while eating and sharpens your sense of taste.

When dining with a large group, place the spoon in the middle of the table as serving spoon.
When you're short on time, just scoop up a lot of food and stuff it into your mouth.

The pointed spoon can also be used for dessert.
It's also great for when you're feeling a bit down or want to eat a bunch of sweets to cheer you up.

As individual tools, as personal tools,
The happiness of having eating utensils that are a gentle companion at the dinner table

Find your favorite spoon that fits your hand well,
Make your mealtimes more enjoyable and delicious
I hope you have a good time.


The memories of hands wrapped in time

The memory of the user's hand.


The overlapping figures are strong,

I hope it's beautiful.

Why are antiques beautiful?
I've been thinking about it for a long time.

The creator's thoughts,
User's memories...

Not only that, but all "hand memories"
I realized that it would make it even more beautiful.

HÖBAL SPOON's works are made without the use of machines.
It is made using techniques that have been used in Northern Europe for a long time.

Using the same primitive production methods as before the Industrial Revolution
Time is ticking away, one stroke at a time

The finished work is
I'm going to turn it into an antique.
A shiny spoon

Enjoy the maintenance
The more you use it, the more antique it becomes.

A work that holds the memory of the tree and the memory of the hand.
The appearance of the item clothed in time by its user,

As time goes by
I hope you are strong and beautiful.

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